Play Some Tunes for a Healthier Pregnancy and Baby

Did you know that stress can cause complications in pregnancy and can affect the health of the baby? Do you know what to do about it? Do you believe that stress can be offset by relaxation activities? These are important questions to ask yourself when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Stress even before […]

Healthy Microbiome for Your Baby

More and more research is being done on the human microbiome and how it relates to overall health. ¹ This is an extremely exciting area of research and I have found that gut health (or lack of it) plays a humongous role in the health of my clients. So, it is becoming increasingly obvious that […]

3 Key Ingredients for Successful Weight Loss Part 3

How do you know which weight loss program is for you? Essentially there are two main types of healthy weight loss programs; calorie restriction and carb restriction. So, which one sounds good to you? To make it easier, would you rather eat a lot of fat or protein or simply not eat a lot? Would […]

3 Key Ingredients for Successful Weight Loss Part 2

What is Healthy Weight Loss?  Any person seeking information on healthy weight loss would be completely inundated with information in a simple search online. The multiple conflicting ideas and “research” as well as the endless line of “lose-weight-fast-and-easy” schemes out there is completely overwhelming. But there are some basic components of what constitutes healthy weight […]

3 Key Ingredients for Successful Weight Loss Part 1

1. Committment Losing weight is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. This is especially true if you have a lot to lose. And if you want to lose weight AND improve your health, that is even harder. Yes, there are a ton of simple, lose-weight-fast programs out there. They may make losing weight a […]

Low-Carbohydrate Menu Is Easy and Sustainable!

One nice thing about eating a very low-carb diet is that it is very simple AND it reduces hunger. I’ve settled nicely into a routine, which is easy and very satisfying. Meals are quick and appealing. And I can look at bread, pasta, and cakes with disinterest. As a matter of fact, I baked 2 […]

Ketosis and Low Blood Sugar: A Fine Line

So far, so good on this Ketogenic Diet journey! It’s actually not that difficult for me. The hardest part was figuring out what I would have as a snack in the evenings while relaxing in bed. Then I found this wonderful stevia chocolate made by Coco Polo . I like the dark chocolate with Almond one […]

The Ketogenic Diet

3 Days ago I embarked on a 10-day journey of eating a “Ketogenic Diet”! This entails eating a diet that is very low in carbohydrates and very high in fat. The protein intake is moderate. I have carefully studied the book called “Ketogenic Diets: Treatment for Epilepsy and Other Disorders” by Eric Kossoff, et al […]

Days 11-14 of High-Fat, Low-Carb Eating

Day 11: This was a very, very busy day for me and I ended up working around my house for 6 hours! This was a lot more physical activity than I am used to and I was starving by mid-afternoon. I had a snack and felt much better. Sometimes a snack is called for! Breakfast: […]

Days 9 and 10 of High-Fat, Low-Carb

The incredible cauliflower crust pizza! This was dinner on Day 9 and guess what? It was super easy to make and absolutely divine!! Breakfast: The usual; smoothie (raw yogurt, raw kefir, 2 raw egg yolks, 2 tbsp. freshly ground flax seeds, probiotic powder, handful of strawberries and blueberries), sliced bell pepper, 1 slice of bacon Lunch: […]

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