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Nutritional Consults are held at Full Circle Women’s Health, Harrison, NY, Nyack Fitness in Nyack, NY, Hudson Valley Functional Medicine in Valley Cottage, NY, or over phone/Facetime. 

Whether you have done 23andMe or any other testing such as DNAFit I can help you interpret your results.

What Can I do with 23andMe Raw Data?

There are several options.

I use a proprietary software called Tree of Life that I have found provides the most detailed information.

Contact me to get a highly detailed genetic report based on 23&Me testing. You will be amazed at how much info is provided in this report. Over 70 genes are explained in detail! The report will not only describe the functions of the genes but also illustrate how they might affect YOUR health and what to do about it!!

Strategene by Seeking Health is also another great software that I commonly use. It doesn’t report on as many SNPs as the Tree of Life but it does give valuable information on how to read MTHRF and 23andMe results.

If you have done Nutrahacker, Genetic Genie, Promethease, or any other software I can help you interpret those results as well.

SNPs for Specific Goals

Fitness and Weight Loss

If you have done DNAFit or Nutragenomix or any other software specific to diet and/or fitness I can help you read those DNA results as well.

Methylation for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Beyond

BWFS Image Baby Fingerprint DNAMethylation is a widespread and fundamental chemical process in the body that directly controls the development of the fetus, as well as hormonal and neurotransmitter balance, immune function, detoxification processes, DNA synthesis, cell membrane health, and muscle structure, to name a few.

Methylation should be carefully supported during pregnancy through diet and supplementation.

During pregnancy, methylation is so important that the government mandated fortification of all processed grains with folate to support this process and thereby prevent birth defects.

Maternal methylation status affects not only the lifelong health of the baby but also of the mother.1,2 Methylation status has even been implicated as an important factor in the development of autism.3

During this consult we will go over how to identify methylation issues and optimize this process, which can have a dramatic effect on the lifelong health of your baby. 

Sessions are $125 per hour OR

“Nutrition for Each Trimester Prenatal Package”: 3 Consults for $300


I have been trained by Dr. Ben Lynch of Seeking Health in how to interpret the 23&Me genetic variant testing. Looking into genetic variants such as methylation genes can be very helpful for those people with long-standing chronic issues, but it is also helpful for those people looking to maintain health. And it can be particularly crucial for couples trying to conceive and in pregnancy. The genetic variant testing does not give us all the answers, sometimes it produces more questions. But it does give us a window into a person’s potential risk factors for illness. Ultimately it is diet, exercise, lifestyle, environmental exposures, emotional and spiritual balance, stress levels, and response to stress that determine health and illness. The genetic variants allow us to see where we may benefit most from focusing our efforts.

Genetic Variant Test Results

BWFS Image Hand holding DNA copy

If you are interested in receiving guidance on how to interpret the results of your genetic variant testing I can help. This area of research is exploding with information and it can be overwhelming to try to interpret it all on your own. Looking into genetic variants is very exciting because we now know that it is really how a gene is expressed that determines health. And we also know that we can modulate the expression of genes with all of those lifestyle factors listed above. This field of science is called epigenetics. For a more heady explanation you can read more about it in Science. And for an entertaining and easy-to-understand description watch this YouTube video by SciShow.  As you can see, understanding your own genetic traits can be very helpful in understanding why certain things are going on. And it can be an inspiration to adopt healthier habits.


If you would like to schedule a consult to have an interpretation of the results of your genetic variant testing you will need to do the following:

1. Obtain a genetic report from 23&Me or some other labs such as DNAFit.

2. Make an appointment with me and send me your raw data from 23&Me (or any other reports that you have run) and any other relevant lab work.

4. You will receive a report from me with an overview of any significant research relating to your individual genetic variants.

5. My fee for the report I generate is $150. In addition, if you desire a consult the fee is $125/hour**. You can request a sample report.

** There is the option to do the report only without a consultation (cost is just $150). Some people do this for information about healthy family members or themselves. Others do this when they are already working with a practitioner that they trust and they just want the genetic piece.

Nutritional Consults are held at Full Circle Women’s Health, Harrison, NY, Nyack Fitness in Nyack, NY, Hudson Valley Functional Medicine in Valley Cottage, NY, or over phone/Facetime.


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