“What are your needs”?

That is the first question in my mind when working with clients. Together we will discover your unique dietary needs; we start with finding the ideal macronutrient ratio for you. This means we will look at the ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates that brings you into balance. This will provide an excellent foundation for helping you achieve the height of your full health potential.

The foundation of any health or nutrition plan should absolutely take into account that we are all unique and we all have unique needs. All of my recommendations are based on a careful analysis of individual metabolic needs based on lab test results, genetics, history, lifestyle factors, and environment. Foods that may be ideal for one person may be inhibiting for others, therefore there is no ideal diet for everyone.

I will also guide you to become an expert in your own health. This comes through careful observation and paying attention to important indicators of improving health. I believe that many of us have lost the ability to listen to our bodies. My goal is to help people re-learn how to observe and honor the body’s signals. I can help with this process and educate you on the major indicators of health. This practice will give you incredible confidence in your dietary and lifestyle choices, no more wondering if you are doing the right thing!

It is an unfortunate fact that many, many people have health challenges. Most of these challenges have been developing over a long period of time before we recognize outward signs of dis-ease. Although symptoms are real and need to be addressed, we must simultaneously look at the root cause of illness. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help identify underlying causes. And we can employ strategies to reestablish blocked pathways and heal. With intelligent lab testing and clinical correlation we will find a healing protocol that is right for you.

When I work with someone I am looking to build a long-term relationship of trust and empowerment. I am honored to serve as a guide and a mentor as people move toward reaching their full health potential.



I see a variety of clients with general health issues but I specialize in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum, as well as women’s health issues such as hormonal imbalance, menopause, and weight management. In particular I emphasize health during preconception and pregnancy to help you maximize the health of your baby.

To that endeavor I consider the unique nutritional needs of each client; looking at diet, lifestyle, health history, support structure, and genetics.  We work to optimize gut and immune function, metabolism, and various pathways such as methylation pathways.

Ketogenic/Modified Ketogenic

I have been personally eating a modified ketogenic diet for years. I am a huge fan. Of course this diet is not right for everyone. If you are interested in learning the ins-and-outs of a keto-type diet then please contact me. There are lots of new sites popping up with info about the keto diet. I’ve been doing it for years and have worked with hundreds of people using different styles of keto for various purposes ranging from weight loss to cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Learn more about my approach to the ketogenic diet here. 

Genetic SNPs/23andMe Analysis

Knowing your DNA results is not going to solve all your problems or make you a perfect person. However, info on your SNPs, when used properly, can be very illuminating and helpful in optimizing health. Whether you are looking to optimize your fitness performance, lose weight, give your baby the best start possible, or you are dealing with a serious health issue, the SNPs can provide more data to guide appropriate behavior for YOU. Learn more about how to read DNA results here.

If you are interested in learning more about improving your health and maximizing your health potential, contact me for more information. We will start with a short phone conversation to determine your needs and get you started on a plan that is right for you.

Nutritional Consults can be held:

at my office at Full Circle Women’s Health at 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 414, Harrison, NY 10528, (914) 421-1500


at my office at Hudson Valley Functional Medicine at 707A Executive Blvd, Valley Cottage, NY 10989, 845-268-1655


over the phone or Skype

The fee for a consultation is $100/hour 

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