I do consultations in person, over the phone, and through online video such as Skype. This means that your location will not limit your ability to begin improving your health as soon as possible. Contact me for questions or to schedule an appointment.

There are several types of consults available:

1. Basic Phone Consult (60$/hour): Set up an appointment and we will discuss your nutritional needs. This consult requires filling out The Daily Food Journal for 3 days and the Medical History Form. I will give recommendations based on the information you provide with the forms and over the phone.  Lab work evaluations are not included. The hourly rate is 60$/hour and this consult can only be done over the phone.

2. Full Consult with Lab Evaluations and Full Health Review (300$, 3 hour consult): This type of consult can be done in person, over the phone, or through Skype. For those who are having quite extensive or serious health issues this is the type of consult that is most appropriate.

Basic blood-work evaluation is included in the price. If you require an advanced blood work evaluation then there is an additional 100$ fee. Other lab work is also available such as gut function and adrenal function testing. These lab fees are separate and vary.

I use additional lab work only when absolutely necessary. My goal is to achieve as much as possible with as little testing as possible. Basic blood work is required however. If you have insurance this can easily be obtained with a prescription from your doctor and a visit to a local lab. If you do not have insurance then you can get testing done through Life Extension for very reasonable prices. When we set the appointment I will specify which type of blood work is needed.

With this consult you will also need to fill out several forms regarding your health and at least 3 days (but preferably more) of the Daily Food Journal.  Having these tasks completed before the first session will make the whole process run more smoothly and efficiently, saving time for all of us. Please fill out the forms as accurately, honestly, and completely as possible.

You will receive a complete nutrition evaluation based on your lab work and history. We will then go over challenges and goals. I will provide detailed information on how to assess your unique dietary needs and together we will determine what foods will be the most beneficial for you. We will set specific goals and discuss how to achieve them. Information on shopping, food preparation, and recipes will also be provided. In most cases supplements are also recommended. My goal is to limit supplement use as much as possible but they are often necessary to accelerate the healing process.

These consults are highly individualized and are geared toward getting to the root cause of symptoms. I am not after quick-fixes. Each client is unique and I care about your health and well-being.

After we meet, the Daily Food Journal should be filled out for 3-5 days again and emailed to me. I would like to hear back from you within one or two weeks for feedback.

3. Follow-up Consult (150$, 2 hrs): These consults are designed to evaluate your progress and make changes as necessary. Any challenges that you have will be addressed. The Daily Food Journal will be very helpful in this process. We will also go over any additional test results. This type of consult can be held at a local health food store for those local people (in or near Rockland County, NY) interested. Goals may be revised at this time.

 4. In-Home Kitchen Consult (80$, 1.5 hrs): This type of consult is available only for locals in or near Rockland County, NY. Please contact me for details about location. I have many years of experience with cooking and preparing healthy food for my family. What you have in your kitchen will have a huge impact on your eating habits. If you are interested in incorporating as much healthy food as possible into your home but don’t know where to start, I can help.

5. Grocery Store Tour  (30$-30 minutes or 50$-1 hour): These consults are held at A Matter of Health in Nanuet, NY or Whole Foods in Ridgewood, NJ or White Plains, NY. We will take a tour of the store and I will help you make the food choices that are right for you. Together we will find healthy, whole foods that are appropriate for your nutritional needs, tastes, and budget. The Daily Food Journal should be filled out for 3 days before we meet.

Improving eating habits and healing the body can be a long process but my goal is to give you the tools to take control of your health. I would be honored to serve as a guide for you on this journey!

Feel free to join The Eat Well Club® for ongoing inspiration and support for eating well!

Many people do need to carry out Healing Practices to help reach their full health potential.

Food quality is very important, counseling will include information on food resources.

All counseling is done by Jill Cruz, President of Health Is Freedom, LLC.

Jill Cruz

Jill Cruz has been exploring possibilities in nutrition since 2008. She has discovered the power of using food as medicine and in the process has greatly improved her own health and the health of her family. She is well aware of the difficulties involved in buying and preparing high-quality, healthy foods for a family with diverse needs.

Now Jill is a Masters Of Science candidate for Human Nutrition at The University of Bridgeport. She melds together scientific knowledge with learnings from multiple modalities such as Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Weston A. Price principles, her mentor Jim Marlowe, and her life experiences.

Jill is passionate about helping people incorporate more and more healthy food and lifestyle choices into their lives. She believes that often people fail to achieve their full health potential because most dietary recommendations are based on the false assumption that everyone has the same or similar needs. Jill is dedicated to exploring the possibilities in whole food nutrition with those people who are willing to take responsibility for their health. Having an open mind, perseverance, and a sense of humor, all while observing the body, are key components that will lead to success.

Read here about Jill’s Story and why eating in harmony with your metabolism is so important.

I do consultations in person, over the phone, and through online video such as Skype. This means that your location will not limit your ability to begin improving your health as soon as possible. Contact me for questions or to schedule an appointment.

All consultations are done by Jill Cruz, President of Health Is Freedom, LLC.

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