Terms of Service

Fees For Service

Basic Phone Consult (does not include lab evaluations) 60$/hour, phone only

Full Consult With Lab Evaluations (in-person or over the phone or Skype) 300$ (3 hrs)

Follow-up Consultations 150$ (2 hrs)

In-Home Kitchen Consult 80$ (1.5 hrs)

Grocery Store Tour, held at A Matter Of Health in Nanuet, NY 30$ (30 minutes) or 50$ (1 hour)

All lab work is additional and the cost varies depending on the work. Lab costs are kept as competitive as possible. Supplement costs are also additional and vary.

Minimum Services Provided

Overall health and diet evaluation, nutritional evaluation of lab work (if applicable), education on improving dietary and lifestyle habits, personalized instructions for further lab testing, supplement use, and healing protocols.

Legal Disclaimer

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Only your doctor should evaluate your health problems and prescribe treatment.

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Private consultations are done in person, over the phone, and through online video such as Skype. This means that your location will not limit your ability to begin improving your health as soon as possible. Contact Jill Cruz for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Jill Cruz provides counseling service as President of Health Is Freedom, LLC.

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