Quality Matters

We all know that the quality of fuel and oil we put in our car makes a big difference in how well the car runs. This is partially because high-quality fuel burns more efficiently. The same goes for the fuel you put in your body. The better the quality of the food and drink you take in, the more efficiently your body will produce energy. And the more efficiently your body creates energy, the less waste will be produced. Waste in the form of free radicals and lactic acid can cause big problems as we all know.

Provide your body with clean, high-quality fuel and you will create less toxins and take in less toxins.

Some basic guidelines about food quality:

-fresh is always best

-raw foods are rich in enzymes and beneficial bacteria and are nutritionally superior in most cases

-organic, biodynamic, and/or pasture-raised food from mineral-rich soil is best

-processed foods should be avoided as much as possible and are always inferior

It is always important to eat in harmony with your metabolism. Learn more about The Harmony Diet® and find out what your unique needs are on The Metabolism Spectrum®.

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All consultations are done by Jill Cruz, President of Health Is Freedom, LLC.

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