Jill’s Story

I used to be what I would term an “ice cream addict”. We are talking ¾ of a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream every single day. I was careful not to eat the whole pint, because that would be excessive, so I controlled my urge to finish it off daily.

Amazingly, it took about 6 years of this practice through two pregnancies to put on enough weight for me to take notice! At that point I was about 25 pounds over what I would consider my ideal weight and I was exhausted. Fast forward through 6 months on Weight Watchers where I lost all the weight (and then some), discovering I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an auto-immune disease), and discovering and incorporating into my diet the principles discovered by Dr. Weston A. Price, and you’ll find me still struggling with low energy, cravings, rosacea, night terrors, mental fog, muscle cramping, and digestive issues.

Don’t get me wrong. The Weston A. Price principles changed my life! I began soaking all grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, I switched to all raw dairy and I began eating red meat and bone broth daily. My digestive state was like night and day! And interestingly, my mood and general emotional outlook improved dramatically!

I was able to really live in the moment rather than live in a state of continual searching and dissatisfaction. I was able to slow down and function on real energy as opposed to being continually wired and tired. Phew, what a difference!

However, I did still suffer from those disturbances I mentioned above. Then, I was introduced to Bill Wolcott’s book, The Metabolic Typing Diet by my friend and mentor, Jim Marlowe in Chicago. I know it sounds so cliché, but my first meal eating in harmony with my metabolism produced immediate changes in my energy levels and satiety, read: “no cravings and more energy”. This is after only one meal! My cravings had literally disappeared.

Needless to say, I have continued on eating that way pretty much ever since. I have made many subtle adjustments as the years have passed. And over time I have become what I would call an expert in observing my body. I know precisely when I’ve eaten something that did not serve me optimally. Besides losing cravings, my thyroid levels have normalized, the night terrors and cramps have disappeared, my head is clear and my digestive issues have resolved.

The difference in the quality and quantity of my energy is particularly striking. I no longer rely on adrenaline to drive me through the day. I have a lot more energy than previously (and I don’t drink coffee). And this is not just any energy; this is calm energy. That relaxed, tranquil feeling I was previously only able to get a glimpse of through long meditation sessions or expensive massage therapy is now mine, all the time, naturally!

My health is still improving and I frequently evaluate my diet and practices. I am always moving forward and notice with a smile that I am actually feeling and looking better as I age. I am able to evolve in this way because I understand the importance of listening to my body. And I respect and respond to the signals from my body with all seriousness. No matter what is my preconceived notion about what happens to be healthy or “good for me”, the signals from my body take precedence.

And I enjoy my life so much! I am soaked in feelings of contentment, peace and happiness most of the time (especially after certain meals!). My mood is even and I have plenty of patience, both of which are key in being the best mom I can be. I enjoy what I eat too. This is no practice in willpower, denial or chewing on unpalatable food. It is a practice in consistently striving to reach my full health potential, while enjoying myself along the way. It is a practice in paying careful attention to my body while taking pleasure in each meal. And ultimately it is a practice in owning the power to control my health and my life and relishing the freedom and confidence that comes with acknowledging that power. I am independently healthy!

And I feel very strongly that many of the ailments I suffered in pregnancy and beyond could have been easily prevented with a better approach to nutrition. Like most Americans, I thought that I had little control over my health. When actually I had a lot of control but I did not have the right tools or knowledge to do the right thing. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and helping them set themselves up for a lifetime of great health!

“I am the guide, you are the healer”!

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