The Eat Well Club®

The Eat Well Club® is about supporting those who really want to eat better and feel better. Eating well is not always easy and even the most dedicated need some inspiration once in awhile. If you are struggling with staying on track or need a relatively constant source of support and inspiration then join us!

Do you want to lose weight? Eat healthier? Cook at home more? Perhaps eat less junk food? Maybe you want to conquer an illness? If you desire something better but struggle with motivation then this is the group for you.

At each meeting we will talk about our motivations for eating well and striving for better health. What inspires you? What keeps you going? Sometimes this is easy to remember and at other times we need reminding.

We will also talk about challenges and obstacles. These can be practical obstacles or more psychological challenges. Either way, let’s discuss them, get them out in the open and admit they are real.

And then we will move on to state our action steps and commitments. What are you going to do about those challenges and obstacles? Perhaps just live with them for awhile. Perhaps conquer them. Whatever it is; stating it to the world can help.

The goal of The Eat Well Club®  is to inspire, inspire, inspire! I know that each person is capable of great things. And it is up to us to create the reality we desire. Let’s do it together!

You can join The Eat Well Club® online at LinkedIn. 

For those who are local (Rockland County, NY) we hold two meetings each month, one on the first Monday at 7 PM and the other on the third Saturday at 10 AM. Please go to our Facebook page to RSVP for a meeting.

There is a 5$ suggested donation. Never feel obligated to pay. But please do if you can. Proceeds go to hosting and for administrative costs.

The Eat Well Club® is based on the following principles:

1. Everyone has the power to control his or her own reality
2. Everyone is unique
3. Eating well is necessary for health
4. Continued inspiration and support invigorates the ability to harness our individual power

At each meeting we will focus on:

1. Why we want to eat well and what is our desired reality
2. Blocking factors and challenges
3. How to overome challenges
4. Action steps
5. Commitments

Join us and be a part of something bigger.

The Eat Well Club® is sponsored by Health Is Freedom, LLC

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