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Food Boss Weight loss

Are you ready to lose weight, lean up, boost energy, and feel fabulous? 

Jill's Food Boss online weight loss program is unlike any other!

Jill will show you how to get EXCITED about nutritious food, how to enjoy delicious meals AND lose weight, and how to keep it sustainable!


Nutrition Services

As a functional medicine nutritionist Jill is trained in a wide variety of approaches and has worked with a broad range of conditions. Therefore the approach is science-backed and highly individualized to suit YOUR unique needs and challenges. 

Jill will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your health goals. 



Check out Jill's blog for information on topics ranging from weight loss strategies, personalized nutrition, health tracking, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Also the blog contains useful links, delicious recipes, and other resources to make it easy for you to be successful in your health journey.

My Mission

My mission is to help you be the absolute best version of yourself.

I don’t want you to settle anymore.

I know it seems so hard to follow a healthy lifestyle and to achieve your ideal weight and optimal health; having tons of energy and vitality.

I know that when you try to make changes it seems like you have to eat in a boring and highly restrictive way and give up all the stuff you love!

And the gurus out there make us believe that especially over 40 we really have to suffer and deprive ourselves to look as fabulous as they do.

I reject those notions because I know I can you help you reach your goals without your suffering or feeling deprived.

I mean it when I say, “you do not have to settle”. You can enjoy your life AND reach your health and weight goals.

I have many tools in my toolbox to help you with this.

I provide you with science-backed information and a breadth and depth of knowledge most nutritionists do not have.

I offer you professionally designed nutritious and delicious meals and recipes.

I help you find the way of eating that is right for your unique needs.

And I help you crush cravings and control hunger in a natural way.

But what really makes me different is that I will help you using a simple yet proven method called Casual Control™.

With this method I will show you how to harness the incredible power of habits to your advantage. Together we will teach your brain to bring your habits up to speed with your best intentions, and in doing so create natural urges to eat healthy and be healthy. It will become second-nature to you.

You can get to a place where you feel strong urges to eat in a healthy way, to be physically active, and to live a mindful and pleasurable life.

When your habits and your best intentions are aligned there will be no stopping you!