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Food Boss Weight loss

Are you ready to lose weight, lean up, boost energy, and feel fabulous? 

Jill's Food Boss online weight loss program is unlike any other!

Jill will show you how to get EXCITED about nutritious food, how to enjoy delicious meals AND lose weight, and how to keep it sustainable!


Nutrition Services

As a functional medicine nutritionist Jill is trained in a wide variety of approaches and has worked with a broad range of conditions. Therefore the approach is highly individualized to suit YOUR unique needs and challenges. 

Jill will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your health goals. 



Check out Jill's blog for information on topics ranging from weight loss strategies, personalized nutrition, health tracking, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Also the blog contains useful links, delicious recipes, and other resources to make it easy for you to be successful in your health journey.

My Mission

My mission is to help people make judicious decisions about what is right for their bodies, and to guide them to eat food that is both delicious and highly nutritious.

We can all shed the shackles of dietary dogma by observing our bodies and making choices that suit our needs. At the same time it is vital that we enjoy the process and eat foods that inspire and excite us. 

This approach can be summarized using 3 basic guidelines: 

-Be Judicious: observe your body, eat mindfully, plan, and pay attention

-Eat Nutritious: eat foods that are packed with nutrition

-Enjoy Delicious: eat foods that are packed with flavor

The diet and health world is littered with thousands of books all claiming that THEIR way is the answer everyone has been looking for. In my mind this defies all reason and logic. I believe we all have the capacity to learn about our bodies and gain insight into the best practices for our unique needs. 

I want to help you become the master of your body. The confidence that comes from this is incredibly empowering and it will change your life.