From Resolution to Change

How do you go from making yet another new year resolution to actually seeing lasting and positive change? 

Watch the video to find out!

6 Factors for Turning Resolution to Change

  1. Commitment: You have to really be committed. And for that to happen, you need a strong “WHY”

  2. Specific Goals: Set the time frame and the specific goals

  3. A Plan: Once you set the goals, work backward to make your plan with lots of short-term goals to get you there

  4. Tools : You are only as effective as your tools. These can be apps, good shoes, kitchen appliances or the right stuff in your pantry

  5. Support: This is proven. People achieve their goals better with support from other people.

  6. Reminders: Use your apps and your support network to remind you to stay on track

If you are committed to making a change then please join me and others in a FREE new years challenge to kickstart all of those things!!

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