Health Optimization Program

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Health optimization Program

If you are relatively healthy and are looking to optimize your diet, your fitness and work performance, your productivity, your brain function, your energy, and more, then this program is for you.

Together we will look at your current eating style, fitness program, and lifestyle factors to see where we can tweak to get even better results. Sometimes it comes down to subtle changes and other times we can add in super high-impact nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle practices that will help you be your absolute best.

Three and six month programs available.

What you get:

  • Dietary, fitness, and health assessment

  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan

  • Fitness strategies for health optimization

  • Guidance on intelligent supplementation

  • Lab work analysis

  • One-on-one sessions with Jill

  • Weekly online check-ins

  • Food diary monitoring

  • Access to Food Boss recordings with tons of info and tips

  • Meal plans with shopping lists and recipes