Nutrition and Health Counseling


Research has shown that people do better with changing their diets and achieve more lasting success when they are guided through the process by a professional.1 One session is just not enough in most cases, therefore I offer programs to help you reach your goals.

With these programs we will start with a plan that is designed specifically for your needs. I will guide you through the process step-by-step, and give you the tools necessary to increase energy, achieve a higher level of productivity and performance, and overall boost your health. 

1. Behavioural therapy in the treatment of obesity (I): New directions for clinical practice

Weight Loss Transformation Program

“Transform your relationship with food and transform your life! I will support you every step of the way to achieve your dreams about your health. This is only for people that are READY to commit and do the work to make big changes.”

Blood Sugar Balancing Program

“It IS possible to balance your blood sugar and maximize insulin sensitivity. It IS possible to have a pleasurable and positive relationship with food. And it IS possible to bring your health to new and exciting heights! Stop the downward spiral now!”

Hormone balancing Program

“Although it is common for people to suffer from hormonal imbalances at many stages of life, it IS possible to greatly reduce or even remove those symptoms. Balancing hormones requires an extremely holistic approach to health.”

Health optimization Program

“If you are relatively healthy and are looking to optimize your diet, your fitness and work performance, your productivity, your brain function, your energy, and more, then this program is for you.”

Prenatal Program

“If you want to use high-impact nutrition and other lifestyle and fitness practices to optimize your health and the health of your baby, then this program is for you. We will create a plan that brings maximal nutrition to your baby and that is doable for you.”

Detox Program

“Be guided through a detox program that suits your individual needs. Programs include 14 to 21 day detox protocols for general health-boosting or to kick-start weight loss, and elimination diets for reducing inflammation and improving gastrointestinal function. You will also be guided through the reintroduction phase.” 

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available but I do highly recommend programs or follow-up appointments in most cases. In order to reach their goals, most people need support, accountability, and tweaking of their plans. Refer to the program offers for more info.