“Optimal You” Weight Loss Transformation Program

“Optimal You” Weight Loss Transformation Program

It can be hard to deal with weight loss issues.

You want so badly for it to happen, and to happen fast!

But you don’t want to suffer.

You believe it should be easier or it used to be easier.

As the years pass do you feel like you have settled?

It's just too hard to get rid of those extra pounds - so you justify it, and make it seem okay - but deep down, you know it's not.

You may have put on an extra 5, 10, 20 or more pounds without even trying, your hormones may be increasingly out of whack, you may shy away from activities that you used to relish, and maybe your energy and vitality are not what they were. You feel like you are just getting by.

You know it’s not your fault! With busy lives and juggling so many things, self-care is so easy to put on the back burner.

And who can blame you? There is so much conflicting diet and fitness information out there. How do you know which one is right for you?!

You have so many things working against you it can be overwhelming.

But there is a way to get out of this and to be better than ever!

If you are ready to stop settling and to take charge of your life then this program is for you. It IS possible to have more energy and vitality, to be more productive, to have deep confidence in your body and in your ability to take on any new challenge or hobby, to get stronger and leaner, and to be more fabulous!!

I believe we can achieve our weight and health goals without suffering. Healthy eating can be exciting and there are lots of delicious foods that are also nutritious.

Yes, you have to do some work, but the process can be enjoyable and you can look forward to your meals! 

In this program we will work together to find a way of eating that works for you and gets you results. Everything we do will be tailored for YOUR needs and will result in YOU with more energy, more confidence, more productivity, and more vitality

You'll learn how to build sustainable habits that defeat cravings, conquer urges, develop a strong, self-loving mindset, AND how to prepare food that is both nutritious and delicious. 

Three, six and Twelve month programs available.

What you get in the 12 month program:

  • Ongoing dietary, fitness, and health assessments

  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans adapted as needed

  • Fitness strategies for weight loss

  • Guidance on intelligent supplementation

  • Lab work analysis

  • One-on-one sessions with Jill

  • Regular accountability check-ins

  • Food diary monitoring

  • Sleep hygiene counseling

  • Stress management guidance

  • Guidance on heart rate monitoring

  • Guidance on heart rate variability monitoring

  • Access to Food Boss recordings with tons of info and tips

  • Meal plans with shopping lists and recipes

  • 2 home kitchen visits with Jill

  • 2 grocery visits with Jill